Trump's abysmal record on worker safety and healt | Kentucky State AFL-CIO

50 reasons the Trump administration is bad for workers

President Trump has said he would ‘protect’ and ‘fight for’ workers. Instead, his administration has systematically done the opposite.

     The pandemic has merely provided the administration another opportunity to continue its attacks on workers’ rights. Instead of instituting policies to protect the nation’s essential workers, the administration has remained largely silent on workplace safety standards, refusing to issue mandatory emergency standards to protect workers against the new threat of the coronavirus. As a result, workers continue to be required to work without protective gear and other measures necessary to keep them safe.1 Furthermore, sick workers continue to lack access to paid leave.2 And, when workers try to speak up for themselves and one another, they are fired.3

1. It has failed to support adequate fiscal stimulus during the coronavirus pandemic

2.It has obstructed workers’ right to fair union elections

3. It stopped funding for Social Security

4. It has engaged in persistent efforts to take away workers’ health care

5. It has failed to act to protect the health of workers during the pandemic


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