Trump = Racism in High school chant

Ken Byron and Vanessa de la Torre, Contact Reporters

Canton School Officials Apologize For 'Trump' Chant Against Hartford Basketball Team

Canton students and families have begun emailing Hartford's Classical Magnet School to express their regrets and support after a group of Canton High School students taunted Classical's basketball players with "Trump" chants, which some found racially motivated, during a high-stakes varsity game this week.

"Although our team won fair and square 48-47 in the semifinal at Canton, we were extremely disappointed in the behavior of some Canton fans in the stands who were chanting 'Trump, Trump, Trump' throughout the game and carrying similar banners," Classical Principal Zandralyn Gordon said in a letter to the school community Thursday.

Hartford school officials said apologies have arrived from Canton High's principal and Canton residents since Tuesday's taunts. Canton Schools Superintendent Kevin Case has acknowledged that about seven or eight students chanted President Donald Trump's surname as Classical players attempted foul shots. READ MORE

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