Austerity is NOT the Answer to CT’s Budget Crisis

No Revenue + Program Cuts for CT Budget Will Make You Cry – Here’s Why:

  1. People will die – Cuts to social service programs and medical services mean health care will be harder to get for: A. People with disabilities, B. The frail and elderly, C. Children living under the poverty level
  2. Education outcomes will decline – Cuts to education cost sharing will mean bigger class room sizes, cuts to programs
  3. Your taxes will go up! – Local property taxes will have to rise to meet basic town budgets
  4. Parks and recreation facilities will close – It’s already happening
  5. Jobs will disappear – Jobs for youth are already being cut, job training programs will be cut and when state spending declines there is a negative effect on the economy
  6. Prison populations will rise – Cuts to programs for youth and cuts to schools mean fewer opportunities and more desperation.
  7. Arts and Culture Cut
  8. Closed Rest Rooms and filthy facilities
  9. Tuition and fees will go way up – Cutting funding to state higher education means college gets more expensive and rising student debt
  10. Even longer lines and waits – At the DMV and other state run offices

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