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Massachusetts lawmakers weigh automatic voter registration

Boston Ma 08172016 People in the Background enjoy ice-cream and other treats ,that were handed out at Digital voter registration drive,  outside at Boston City Hall. People were able to register or update their voter registration status. Globe/Staff Photographer Jonathan Wiggs
A digital voter registration drive outside at Boston City Hall. —Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts residents could have their voter registration information automatically updated whenever they renew their drivers’ licenses or interact with other state agencies.

A bill working its way through Beacon Hill would help ensure that more of the state’s nearly 700,000 eligible citizens who are not registered to vote are able to cast ballots on Election Day.

“Massachusetts can lead the way toward giving all citizens a voice in their government,” said Pam Wilmot, executive director of Common Cause Massachusetts, a backer of the bill, which was the subject of a public hearing Thursday.

The bill instructs the state secretary to create a system that automatically updates a voter’s registration information whenever that voter alerts one of several state agencies of a change of address or other changes related to their voter information.

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