CRISIS — Care4Kids is being Destroyed

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Update: Care4Kids Slots Continue to Decrease

From May 2016 to May 2017, Connecticut continued to lose child care slots for low-income families and children, with more than 5,100 slots lost to cut backs in just one year. Use this interactive map to explore how many slots for Care4Kids were lost in your town and around the state. As this map shows, losses were felt across the state, with some communities harder hit than others as available child care slots continue to dwindle.

The Care4Kids program remains in crisis. Last August, changes to the Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG) resulted in the closure of the program to all new enrollees with the exception of TANF families. Since then the number of child care slots children in low-income, working families has steadily decreased as children continue to age out of the program while no new children are allowed to enroll. As the recent figures show, the serious drop in slots across Connecticut has only gotten worse and there is no end in sight. Click here to read more about what caused the Care4Kids crisis.

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