Did You Get Lyme Disease? One CT Did

Warm winter credited with explosion of Lyme ticks

That’s what the director of the Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station said Wednesday. Theodore G. Andreadis, a Ph.D. entomologist who has led the New Haven-based experiment station for nearly four years, said that about 5,000 ticks have been collected this year and brought to the experiment station’s lab for testing, with about 38 percent showing the presence of the Lyme disease spirochete.

“Normally, it’s about 3,000 for the entire year,” Andreadis said, stressing that while lab personnel won’t turn away in-person queries from people bringing in ticks, the experiment station prefers that residents present specimens to their local health departments. He also suggested that only “blooded” ticks — those that have bitten humans — be brought in for testing.

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