End Pharma Gag Orders – Pass SB 445

Let’s eliminate the pharmaceutical ‘gag order’ that costs patients money

The U.S. Pain Foundation was founded back in 2003, and while we have grown to become the leading patient advocacy organization with nearly 90,000 members, we still are proud to call Connecticut home.

Some of the most important patient-focused legislation we’ve helped pass started right here, working with lawmakers and Gov. Dannel Malloy to create the nation’s first patient access law relating to step therapy.

That is why I firmly believe Connecticut lawmakers need to continue that history and proactive approach by passing a bill that will ensure patient consumers are not paying too much for their medication.

S.B.445 would put an end to an insurance industry secret—where pharmacists are contractually prohibited from telling customers if there is an option for them to pay less for their medically necessary, and sometimes life-saving, prescription treatment options.

It seems crazy but it’s true.

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