Lieberman for FBI- Old, Inexperienced and Conflicted?

Joe Lieberman Would Be an Awful Pick for FBI Director

But Trump seems likely to pick him anyway

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman is reported to be the frontrunner for the FBI director position that was left vacant when Trump fired James Comey last week. Olivier Douliery/AFP/Getty

1. The FBI director serves a 10-year term. Joe Lieberman is 75 years old. That’s 20 years older than the average age of a nominee for FBI director, and 13 years older than the oldest nominee in U.S. history, Clarence M. Kelley.

2. Lieberman, a former senator, would be the first politician ever appointed to the job. Every past director served as either an agent in the bureau, a federal prosecutor or a federal judge prior to their nomination. (Lieberman was attorney general of Connecticut, an elected office, for six years in the Eighties.)

3. Lieberman is currently employed by the law firm Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman, which specializes in white-collar criminal defense – and which frequently represents Donald Trump. Most recently, one of the firm’s partners, Marc Kasowitz, threatened to sue The New York Times for running a story about women who accused Trump of sexual assault.

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