State Unions Agree to Framework Concession Package. Not Enough? Just Right? $1.5 billion Plus is a Lot!

Dems Praise Agreement Say Thanks — Rs Say Not Enough

Hartford Courant– Christopher Keating and Daniela Altimari

Unions Promote Collective Bargaining as Best Process for Reaching Savings – Ratification Vote in July

CT Mirror– Keith M. Phaneuf

Hartford Courant Says Agreement is Too Generous to Workers — Need More Than $1.5 Billion

Hartford Courant– Editorial

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  1. William Buhler

    Such comments as “not enough” seem to have forgotten that the donor class is being given a free pass again while the unions do the heavy lifting. When will the wealthy look beyond their self interest, as the Patriotic Millionaires advocate, and look to support the common good?

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