SURPRISE! CT Business and Industry Assoc Thinks State Workers Should Give up More

CBIA: Labor pact could lock in ‘unsustainable’ costs

PHOTO | Pablo Robles
Joe Brennan, president and CEO of the Connecticut Business & Industry Association.

Extending the labor pact from 2022 to 2027 not only would tie government’s hands going forward, but would lock in pension and health benefits costs “that may not be sustainable” over the long term, Brennan said Tuesday.

The agreement maintains an expensive benefits system that state government no longer can afford — even after the concessions — through 2027, some Republican lawmakers said in reaction to approval by the House of Representatives. And it greatly restricts the state’s ability to lay off workers mid-2021, they add.

But Democrats maintain the labor agreement will save the state $1.5 billion this fiscal year and next. The agreement, for example, freezes wages for a few year, requires workers to pay more for their healthcare and pension benefits and creates a hybrid pension/defined-contribution plan for future employees.

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