WalMart scrambling to blunt criticism of low wages by offering bonuses


CT's Walmart workers get bonuses amid push for higher wages

Amidst growing pressure to pay employees higher wages, retail giant Walmart on Monday announced that its Connecticut workers are sharing in more than $1 million in cash bonuses, like their colleagues across the country.

Walmart announced it has awarded employees nationwide a share of $157 million in cash bonuses based on fourth-quarter store performance.

A total of just over 5,800 employees in Connecticut -- and more than 850,000 across the U.S. -- received the bonus in their March 9 paychecks, along with an annual pay raise, the company said. The boost came on the heels of the company recording its strongest comp sales performance of the year.

For the full fiscal year, U.S. employees shared more than $700 million in bonuses, the company said. READ MORE

EDITOR'S NOTE: The number of affected Connecticut employees has been adjusted based on a correction by Walmart.

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