Ban Fracking Waste in Connecticut – Passes House

Will Connecticut Finally Ban Fracking Waste?

Grassroots activists have pushed lawmakers to act, and a final vote might come soon.

We all need safe food and clean water.

By Jennifer Siskind

On May 9, the General Assembly Representatives voted to ban hydraulic fracturing waste from gas wells. The bill (HB 6329) passed by a vote of 141-6, and will now go to the Senate for consideration.

This is an encouraging sign that the movement to ban drilling waste town by town is having an effect. Activists have spent the last several years building a movement to go further than the state’s current moratorium. And here’s another sign that things are on the right track: An amendment that would have replaced the bill with a one year extension on the current moratorium was voted down by almost two-thirds of the house, by a vote of 96-50.

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