Short Sighted Republican Higher Education Cuts

UConn pushing hard to avoid GOP budget cuts

PHOTO |  Peter Morenus, UConn

As UConn and Republican leaders do battle over what the university has called “unprecedented” proposed GOP budget cuts to the university, UConn has taken to Twitter with a #SaveUConn campaign.

The university’s all-out push to prevent steep funding cuts includes the Twitter hashtag, which evolved organically during the past week at about the same time the university decided to use it, said Stephanie Reitz, a UConn spokesperson.

UConn also has held faculty and student rallies on the subject and has been issuing press releases calling attention to specific cuts of more than $308 million over two years to both UConn and UConn Health if the Republican budget proposal is adopted.

Senate Republican leader Len Fasano of North Haven disputes that number, saying the GOP budget plan would cut UConn funding by $244 million over two years.

In contrast to both, the Democratic budget plan proposes cutting UConn by $108 million over two years, UConn President Susan Herbst has said.

Fasano calls UConn’s advocacy against the GOP budget a “scare tactic.”

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