Wealthiest State Needs to Raise Revenue to Protect the Needy

Toubman: ‘If we don’t raise revenue somehow, we shred the safety net’


Sheldon Toubman, staff attorney with New Haven Legal Assistance Association

One of Connecticut’s most ardent advocates for social services, attorney Sheldon V. Toubman has worked with the New Haven Legal Assistance Association for the past 26 years.

Toubman is a staff attorney within the benefits unit at the association, which helps the poor, disabled and others in need secure housing, benefits, employment, and legal assistance with immigration and family matters.

Before his tenure with New Haven Legal Assistance, Toubman was a staff attorney with Connecticut Legal Services and with a similar, Philadelphia-based legal aid office. He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Connecticut and a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania

A resident of Guilford, Toubman, 60, has two children.

He spoke with The Mirror recently about the efforts of social service advocates to press this year for state tax increases to help close projected budget deficits totaling $5.1 billion across this fiscal year and next combined. Toubman also discussed proposals to increase the income and sales tax, how Connecticut’s tax rates compare with those in neighboring states and the impact of recent program cuts on some of the state’s poorest residents.

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