Austerity harms future prosperity:

Derek Thomas, M.P.A., and Jesse Marks, Yale Law School Legislative Advocacy Clinic

Arbitrary Austerity Harms Future Prosperity: Framing Connecticut’s Long-Term Challenges and Opportunities

A myriad of factors have contributed to the current budget crisis in Connecticut. Short-term fixes, particularly arbitrary austerity, will exacerbate these challenges and hurt long-term prosperity. Connecticut needs a budget that starts to address these underlying issues and puts the state on a path to strong, sustainable, and equitable economic growth.

Fortunately, Connecticut can harness its remarkable economic strengths as it invests in a brighter future. Connecticut’s residents remain on average some of the most prosperous in the country, the state is an attractive place to do business, and low-interest rates and strong borrower ratings mean that Connecticut has some breathing room as it seeks structural solutions. READ MORE


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