The Electoral College is Anti-democratic. It’s Time for 1 Person 1 Vote.

Jean Koeppel | Democracy Awakens CT, Executive Director

Join the movement: One person, one vote

Reform the Electoral College so the electoral vote reflects the nationwide popular vote for President.

Many believe we are a democratic country, maybe even the top democracy in the world, but the United States was founded as a Constitutional Republic. And as of last month, The Democracy Index Report (issued annually by The Economist, Intelligence Unit) has demoted the US to a “flawed democracy.”

The Economist uses a range of criteria to rank the leading democracies in the world, but one clear benchmark is a country’s ability to hold free and fair elections. According to the report, the fact that the winner of a U.S. Presidential election is not necessarily the person who receives the most votes, is undemocratic. Our leaders are not elected directly by the people. They are elected by electors that represent the people. READ MORE

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